We offer a bespoke framing service that is tailored to your needs.

We work alongside galleries and artists, advising and fulfilling their requirements from small to large scale exhibitions.

We work with interior design studios, working closely with the designers and their clients to deliver the brief.

We work with you, from a single frame to a gallery wall at your home. We have it covered.

Picture Framing Services

Edge to Edge

Perfect for posters, and framing on a budget.

Window Mount

Classic framing style. A window mount border enhances the image while also protecting the artwork away from the glass.

Float Mount (Shadow)

Float your artwork in a box frame. Mounted on Foamboard the artwork appears floating within the frame.

Float Mount (Flat)

Similar to the shadow float except the artwork is flat to the backing mount. Perfect if your print has deckle edges you want to keep on show.

Box Frames

Box frames have a fillet protecting your artwork from the glass. The fillet can be in various colours of your choice. Suitable for prints that are mounted on Foamboard.

Tray Frames

Float your canvas with one of our tray frames.

Canvas Stretching

Have an un-stretched canvas? We can stretch it for you.

Custom Mirrors

We make custom size mirrors, with 100s of frame options to choose from!

Shirt Stretching

We can stretch and box frame football shirts, or other sport attire. We can also include photos etc within the box frame.

Object Framing

Have an object you cherish? We can most likely frame it in one of our deeper box frames.

Frame Mouldings

We offer a wide range of mouldings. View our frame catalogue via the link below. If you can’t find a frame you like, send us a picture reference and we can most likely source it from one of our many suppliers!

Natural Wood

Our natural wood frames include Ash, Oak, Cherry, Tulip, Obeche & Pine

Colour Frames

Huge range of colour frames available to brighten up your room!

Pre-Finished Frames

A huge range of pre-finished frames. We use a number of suppliers so can normally source something we might not have on our showroom walls.

Ornate Frames

Classic Ornate frames, giving you that period look and feel.

Aluminium Frames

Wide range of high quality aluminium frames. Suitable if you want that minimum frame look.

Let’s build something together.